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What Christel has been up to?

Over the summer Christel was part of Outwit, Outlaugh, Outplay. A comedy competition in the style of Survivor.

Surviving as far as becoming part of the jury, Christel had a great time, created new characters, met loads of fabulous comics and congratulates

Jake Martin on his win!!

Chris and Christel's Collection continues with their next show coming up on September 20th!!!

Tickets will be available in a few weeks at for $20. This show features the hottest variety acts from Toronto. The Fall Collection will include SUPERfluous, Comic Candace Gregoris, Magician Chris Mayhew, and much more. Hosted by yours truly and Christopher Sawchyn.

Our summer show was a full "fringe" riot featuring Nick DiGaetano, Thea Fitz-James, DK Reinemer and Sketch Troupe Middle Raged (Geri Hall & Gary Pearson) *I will send you a photo for this

More to come.

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